They are one of the oldest forms of marketing and brand recognition, the business card. It my be small in size. But the impact is loud and clear. A business card says to customers, that you are a professional and you hold your company as a lender in your industry.

Business Cards

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Full UV Gloss Cards

Spot UV Cards

Spot UV & Foil Cards

Our 16pt thick card stock normally comes in a full UV gloss finish. Combining this business card with a UV shine gives it that standard professional appeal.

A matte card with a spot UV gloss shine. Ideal, your logo should have that shine quality. Making it punch on that dull finish. This card has a unique & very impactfull approach.

An ultimate card is combining Spot UV & Foil imprinting. This type of business card says you mean business. It will command attention as the holder reads your info.

Card Finish Types

Along with our high quality card stock material, we offer our clients exceptional business card finishes. These finishes can give your company that added sense of professionalism. When in the game of first impressions, choosing the right finish can put your company on top.

Standard Full Gloss

Spot UV Gloss

Matte / Dull Finish

This is our standard business card finish. Our full gloss finish is applied to the entire business card. Giving it that perfect shine. Clearing showing your customer/client that your business is professional.

Spot UV gloss gives a business card a unique finish all on its own. It creates a dynamic contrast between what is shiny and what is dull. For instance, apply the Spot Gloss onto your logo and leave everything matte. This effect punches out your logo for a true brilliant feel.

A classic finish to business cards. This type of finish conveys a serious & straight to the point message. Even though the Matte gives a dull appearance. It will still tell you customer/client you mean business.

Silk / Velvet Finish

Classic Linen Finish

Gold / Silver Foil

This card finish portrays a class, style and sophistication. The business cards are produce on a thick card stock & laminated on both sides with a special laminate that gives it a silky smooth feel, and also makes it tear and water resistant. Present a professional, attractive, and unique image that your business needs.

A retro vintage card finish that is professional and elegant. Our linen fabric pattern looks and feels elegant and the print is sharp & crisp. For that classic business card look we recommend a linen finish.

A solid shimmering of Gold or Silver foil adds a sense of elegance to any business card. Applying this type of finish will added a level of quality that says your great. Gold and Silver foil is one of our best finishes you can ask for.