Logo Design

A company brand is a uniquely designed element that is easily recognizable as your company. 247 Graphx Studios main goal is to create a logo design that your consumers will remember.

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Design Process

Client Discussion Meeting

When designing a company logo / brand (i.e. Nike, Coke Cola, McDonald's, etc.), the key thing is brand recognition. To establish this type of meaning with your customer/clients, we have developed a clear and easy process for designing you new logo.

Meeting with you in person is our preferred way of going over your new logo concept. This way can talk about a variety of elements in regards to your logo. These elements consist of; Design Type/Style, Color Scheme, Audience, Competitor Logos, and more. If we cannot meet in person, we can have a phone conversation or a very descriptive email.

Branding Research

Conceptualize Logo Designs

After the client discussion meeting, your designer will begin doing a branding research analysis process. He/She will search for types of design elements that universally represent your industry. Go through color scheme choices that will aid in your logos recognition. Then review competitor logos to avoid design similarities.

At this point, your designer will create 2 to 4 logo concepts based off the meeting and research. The first draft of logos will be in a Black & White color scheme. To see how impactful the logo will be. Because Black & White are the strongest contrast colors out there. After choosing the logo concept you like, we will apply different color schemes to that version along with any other changes to that concept.


Finalize Design & Package

Once you have chosen your final logo design, we will produce a variety of file formats that can be used for Signage, Print Outs, Apparel, Internet, and Video. Once you send the files to you, we strongly urge you store them on your computer system and have them backed up on a Disk / USB Flash drive. We also keep your logo for any accidental lost of your files.


The file formats are: AI / EPS / PDF / TIFF / JPG / BMP / PNG