A Great Investment

Any marketing plan taken will be an investment. It cost money to make money. That being said, vehicle wraps are fairly new in the industry and getting lots of buzz. Customers mention seeing a car, truck, or even van wrapped during their daily commute. As long as your vehicle is in a populated area, you have the chance to make a sales lead.


Break-down List of Reasons

- Great Return On Investment (ROI). Roughly $0.10 per 1000 impressions

- Protects the natural color of the vehicle for years

- Easy and low cost maintenance.

- Vibrant design that is easily noticed

- Continuous advertising power 24/7



Printing Process

After the design is approved. The designer will setup the wrap for print prodution. That normally starts the next day after approval. A typical passenger vehicle takes 1 day to print. Then we late the wrap print sit to air dry for 24hrs. Making sure the ink out gases and is fully dry. The 3rd day, we laminate your prints and get them ready for installation.

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Great bang for your buck. Vehicle wraps are big, bold, and BAM in your face. Easily visible by many potential consumers. This type of marketing continues to pay for itself. Placing a graphic wrap on-top of your vehicle(s) will tell consumers who you are and let them know what you have to offer.


Mobile marketing that goes where you go!


247 Graphx designers are very skilled in creating great custom vehicle wrap designs. We will achieve your creative vision and produce a great piece of art that you will be proud of. Getting your company notice and building up your brand.

Vehicle Wraps

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Design Process

The most important part of any vehicle wrap. The design process can take 1 week to 1 month to produce your awesome vehicle wrap. The key factors are the right message and how open the lines of communication between client and designer.

Installation Process

After the wrap is laminated, we will contact you for a installat date & time. A typical passenger vehicle wrap install takes 2 days to complete. Before drop-off, we require our clients to hand wash the vehicle. Making sure it is free of dust, dirt, oil, grime, and other surface pullants. That way the wrap will adhere the best.


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